Our Outing to the ABC Studios to Meet Brandon Buddy

ABC Studios Trip Dec 2007
December 05, 2007

One of my favorite trips to New York was with my sisterly friends, Janette and Wyndel and each of use had a list we must and had to do. My number one thing I wanted to do was visit the ABC Studios and meet Brandon Buddy who plays Cole Thornhart on One Life to Live. Luckily for me my friend told me the day and time to drop by the studios.

Highlights from that day (written in 3rd person):

*The address to the studious 56 West 66th Street. When planning for the day Leba (which is my nickname) thought the studio address # were the cross streets and we all ended up getting off the subway early.

*When walking to the studio Leba first though it was 6th street but then pulled out her itinerary and realize that it was 66th street. Oops! Leba was not thinking straight. Hmmmmm I wonder why?

*When finally heading towards the right direct, Leba saw a phone # on the building and thought they were going the wrong way again. Leba thought the phone # was the # of the address.

*Wyndel’s first walk through Central Park.

*Getting closer to the studios, Leba wanted to turn around. She was very nervous and could not believe she was doing this especially since she never when out of her way to meet her favorite celebrity before.

*Looking for a building that looks like a castle and has a flag hanging.

*While waiting it started to snow a little bit more. It was freaking AWESOME!


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