{SPOTLIGHT REVIEW} A Whole New Crowd by TIjan

A Whole New Crowd From Cover by Tijan{BABBLING CHATTER’s REVIEW}
A Whole New Crowd by Tijan
My rating: ★★★✩ 3.5 of 5 stars

Taryn had a life moving from one foster home to another. She was a thief who wanted a life of normalcy. She felt alone in the world and for a long time she called her ex-boyfriend, Brian and his brother, Jace her family before being adopted.

She falls into a crowd that she is not used to and learns so many things about her new adopted family and new life. Among the community she meets Tray who is a rich, popular guy that have friends who follow him, wants to be in him and/or wants to be in the same circle as him. Although he seems normal on the outside he holds some secrets of his own.

I give the first book I read by Tijan a 3.5 stars. When I first started this book I was getting mixed thoughts. However, once I got into the feel of the story and the setting of it all; it got my mind reeling and wondering the connection to everyone and everything. Without saying much more I recommend this read to experience the life of a foster girl who finally got her wish, right? Well you have to read the book to find out. 😉

Close up of Painted Jezebel Butterfly's wings in great texture

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