Be My December by Rachel Brookes

Be My December Be My December by Rachel Brookes
My rating: ★★★★ 4 of 5 stars

This book revolved around the words “YES” and “NO” and how those two terms can be a life changer in a person. The story contained situations that were not easy on the heart.

Eden Rivers had been a victim of a traumatic event four years ago and because of that horrible encounter her answer to many things was always a “YES” answer to avoid reliving that horrible life changing experience. She felt violated and not worthy and vowed to not let anyone get close to her again.

Ky Crawford has a secret of his own where he has a hard time letting go. This in turn has him losing control on what he wants in life until he sees Eden, “the girl in the red jacket” across the way.

A story about attempting to move on and gaining control of who you are and what you want is Eden and Ky’s story. This novel gave me emotional moments that either disturbed me or had my heart filled with hope. A recommend read filled with surprising twists and many feels.

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