{SPOTLIGHT REVIEW} Broken by Love by C.A. Harms


Broken by Love by C.A. Harms

My rating: ★★★★ 4 of 5 stars

A story about a relationship where one party is pushed to far and decides to move on with their life without the other person. This is the second book in the Scarred by Love series where Kate and Carson’s story did not disappoint.

Kate and Carson had always had a bickering fighting relationship. That was who they are and how they fit together but over time the closeness between the two of them was gradually fizzing out. This in turn was not working for Kate especially with their baby on the way.Broken By Love Teaser 1

Carson was not a man used to be tied down to one woman. He figured that life would still be the same with the exception of a baby in his life. That framed of mind all changed when one day Kate was no longer there.

This is a story about moving on from the norm. To be able to be with the one you love but still be the person you want to be but in a more tame way.

teaser 3Love is never easy especially when a person is used to living a certain lifestyle. Being
scared of growing up is a given but actually realizing what you want before it is too late is the predicam
ent that Carson was in. He needed win the heart of Kate, the woman he is in love with even if it means giving up his life as a bachelor.

There were many moments that Kate wanted to just give in. A feat that was very hard to hold out on. She was strong and determined which made this story full of hope for anyone wanting something real and not be with someone because of circumstances.

A great read about a couple finding a way to be together but still not lose sight of who they are. I felt so many different emotions and can relate to many of the situations that this couple were going through. I recommend this 4 star story to anyone wanting another outlook of reconnecting to the one you love!

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