Living with Regret (Rain #1) by Lisa De Jong

Living with Regret Living with Regret by Lisa De Jong
My rating: ★★★★ 4 of 5 stars

Rachel Clark’s perfect life changed one night when she woke up surprised to be in a hospital and where she also found out that her boyfriend, Cory Conner has past. Each day was tough but as times goes by she is gradually able to move on with the help of an old friend, Sam Shea.

This story was one that kept my mind reeling about life and losing someone you hold dear to your heart. Not only was Rachel having a hard time recalling that tragic night; she had to also face the reality of the secrets and lies to be dealt with that were starting to add up.

From the start of the page I have been trying to piece together the events of that horrible night and just when I though I had a idea what had happened I would come across something that left me dumbfounded and leading me to something else. A 4 stars read that was sweetly written to overcome “living with regret” and being able to live once again.

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