{SPOTLIGHT REVIEW} Forgiving Reed (Southern Boys #1) by C.A. Harms


Forgiving Reed (Southern Boys #1) by C.A. Harms
My rating: ★★★ 3 of 5 stars

This story got me hooked at the prologue! A story about losing someone and forgiving someone was a battle of emotions that was playing with my heart not knowing how and when to feel again.

The early part of the story dealt with Kori Foster losing her love, Blake Harrison, the father of her baby boy Rhett in a Teaser 1tragic event that left her hating and loving that eventful day. Since her loss the need to move on was hard for Kori but she needed to do what was best for their son.

Although the loss part hit my heart with overwhelming feelings the other part; involving forgiveness, not as much. Reed Jackson’s story entailed a mistake while he was young. With any relationship fictional or real temptations come into play and his indiscretion was not a shock value for me. When he sees Kori again in their hometown he would do anything to prove himself worthy and to be the one for her. Teaser 4 Feelings resurfaces from both parties; however, overcoming the past is what tends to be holding them back.

Overall I give this story a 3 stars rating. I enjoyed reading the parts of grieving a loss and learning to forgive and move on because you will never know what to expect in life. #caharms #forgivingreed #southernboysseries

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