After We Fell (The After Series #3) by Anna Todd

After We Fell After We Fell by Anna Todd
My rating: ★★★★★ 5 of 5 stars

Seriously! The twists and turns in this series never end! We were left with another cliffhanger in book 2 and book 3 story continues right where it leaves off this time involving more of Tessa and Harry’s family!

This time around the constant back in forth goes into another direction where it will give your mind a run for its money. As I continue to read the series it has wrecked me, screwed me, and overwhelmed me in so many ways that I have least expected and I absolutely LOVE it! But yup, I still won spill. The first time reading is worth all the surprises. 😉

Let me end with…ALLELUIA! THANK GOODNESS there is a 4th book! 😀 The way it ends left me wanting and needing more just when they are finally in agreement! Sadly, I have to wait for the release scheduled for early next year though. #AfterSeries #Hessa #AnnaTodd @imaginator1dx

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