Summer Sky (Blue Phoenix #1) by Lisa Swallow

Summer Sky (Blue Phoenix, #1)Summer Sky (Blue Phoenix #1) by Lisa Swallow
My rating: ★★★✩ 3.5 of 5 stars

A 3.5 stars read is about finding yourself again after a whirlwind of events that once has &/or is currently controlling their life. This is the story of rock star Dylan Morgan and his smart-mouth funny girl Sky Davis.

Two people unexpectedly hiding away (with different lives and personal reasons) at the same happy childhood place they grew up in begin falling for each; however, hesitant to pursue anything further because of the reality of who they really are outside of their little bubble.

“My heart won’t let me walk away,” I say, “And my heart was broken very recently, so it’s fragile, which is why I’m guarding it.” “I’ll give you my heart to take care of, if you’ll give me yours to mend.”

Debating to be together or not be together? Can Sky see past Dylan’s sexy rock star status and be with him and can Dylan prove to her that she is more than just another girl? The back and forth in this story is inevitable both struggling and wanting each other until one ugly cliffhanger secret is reveal and changes things. I was rooting for both parties to try and fight and just when they do something else comes up to hold each other back. Ahhhhhhhh! What?!? He just… :/ SMH.

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