{SPOTLIGHT REVIEW} Hot For The Boss Complete Edition by Ariadne Wayne

Front Cover

Hot For The Boss Complete Edition by Ariadne Wayne
My rating: ★★★★ 4 of 5 stars

The story of Scott Peters and Alisha Jackson was a swift read that I was able to finish in one afternoon sitting. Alisha is employed by Scott’s company and got the job under false pretenses in order to get out of the crappy job she was currently in and little did she know that Scott had an agenda of his own.

Teaser 1Although the story felt a bit rushed in their scenes you got an overall picture and feeling of what was happening. There were many surprises and experiences that kept the story line intriguing. Let me add that some of the scenes in this collection were also steamy! 😀

I think if there would have been a little more background story of the characters it would make the flow smoother and the reasoning behind some things clearer. Regardless, I would still recommend this 4 star read for fans of office romances and/or looking for something quick to get into. 😉

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