Resist (Resist #1) by Missy Johnson

Resist (Resist, #1)Resist (Resist #1) by Missy Johnson
My rating: ★★★ 3 of 5 stars

An intriguing job posting from the company of Jaxon Murphy. An applicant, Charlotte Lucas who is desperate to take on another job outside her desired preference until she is able to catch a break on a career job that she seeks. A story about taking a different approach to getting what you want to and/or to proving something more to oneself.

“I spent the last four years obtaining my degree and that has gotten me nowhere. If I’m completely honest, at this point I’ll take anything if it is going to get me somewhere.”

Volume 1 in the series felt rushed and somewhat all over the place but it left me wanting to know what happens next. The curiosity to learn the history, the secrets, and thoughts going on in Jaxson’s mind and what Charlotte will do to make a name of herself. A quick 3 stars novella read on building up the story on what is yet to come in the series.

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