Not Until Tonight (This Night #1) by Jessica Sankiewicz

Not Until Tonight (This Night, #1)Not Until Tonight (This Night #1) by Jessica Sankiewicz
My rating: ★★★★ 4 of 5 stars

I received a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review and opinion. Thank you Jessica! 😀

Recommending this 4.5 stars read! It had me hooked since the beginning and I enjoyed every part of it. The uncertainty of giving into your feelings to someone you are crushing on and not knowing how they feel.

“Crushes are for high school and celebrities. Based on what I’ve heard, he’s as smitten you as you are with him.”

You never know what will happen unless you take a risk right? This is Haley’s and Skylar’s. A romance that will leave you swooning over flirting banter and debating whether to go after something you think you cannot have because you are too afraid to lose it all and/or get hurt at the end.

Being a novella it was short and to the point. I would LOVE to read more about their story after what happens that night. 😉 Hint hint. 🙂

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