Tears At Dawn by A.B. Leake

Tears At DawnTears At Dawn by A.B. Leake
My rating: ★★★★ 4 of 5 stars

I had the pleasure of being a beta reader for this beautiful tale of friendship and love that will get your emotions strewed all over the place. This is Connor Blake and Annabelle Weston’s story and one that will have you thinking twice at what is right in front of you before it is too late.

“A part of me wants to jump over there and kiss you like crazy. But this other part of me is screaming to run away as fast as I can because if I do jump over there and it doesn’t work out, well, I am just not sure I am strong enough to survive.”

Over the years feelings grow leading to falling in love with someone you have known forever; however, admitting it out in the open is not easy. Afraid of a slipping out of a comfortable friendship in hopes of being more but will never know unless someone makes the first move and takes the risk. A recommended 4 stars read that will have your heart filled with tender moments that will forever be imprinted in your mind and soul.

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