Winter (Four Seasons #1) by Frankie Rose

Winter (Four Seasons #1)Winter (Four Seasons #1) by Frankie Rose
My rating: ★★★★ 4 of 5 stars

The synopsis of the story is what drew me to read this book. Curious got the best of me and I took a chance on an author I am not familiar with. To top it off it was a new adult romantic SUSPENSEFUL read; which lead to one thing on my mind…screwed up situations.

Ms. Bresllin is a daughter of a serial killer who wanted to get away from her traumatic and tragic history that she has been faced and dealt with. Changing her name to Avery Patterson and attending Columbia University is the fresh start she is hoping will keep her away from her ugly past and to be able to move on with her life.

Luke Reid is a cop by day and a musician at night. A record deal waiting to be signed but a man who prefers to serve and protect is what is holding him back. A badass, sexy appealing hottie with tattoos along with amazing talent makes this a story that I could not put down.

“But we’re both a little broken, you and I. I see you, Avery. I really see you. The places you’re wounded, and I want to be the person to put you back together.”

The 4 stars read will have you guessing the connections between the two main characters that have known each other since they were kids. Just when I though I had everything figured out something gets thrown in the loop to throw me off again. Check out this mysterious tale today and see what had my mind whirling! 😉

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