Beautiful Burn by Adriane Leigh

Beautiful BurnBeautiful Burn by Adriane Leigh
My rating: ★★★★✩ 4.5 of 5 stars

Auburn Lawrence was in West Reed’s English class in high school where they had gotten to know each other but nothing more progressed but a student/teacher relationship. Auburn and West crossed paths 3 years later in a summer class that he was teaching. As they get reacquainted feelings resurfaces but the technicalities of being together is a risk that they have to consider.

“My point in all this was…” I interlaced our fingers as I spoke, “story isn’t about place, Its not about the climax or the resolution; it is about the emption that connects all of us.”

This was more than another love story. It gave you an overall perspective of their situation and whether to finally give into their feelings was worth it. Feeling the intensity between the characters was inevitable but what drew me in were the emotional sides of their story. A 4.5 stars rating to this forbidden student/teacher romance with an ending I surely was not expecting that had me teary eyed! A poetic and heartwarming read that book lovers should pick up today!

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