Reckless Nights (Vegas Nights (#1) by Karen Erickson

Reckless Nights (Vegas Nights, #1)Reckless Nights (Vegas Nights #1) by Karen Erickson
My rating: ★★★★ 4 of 5 stars

We all have that fantasy of capturing the eye of our celebrity crush and one night Regan and her best girlfriends, Andrea and Natalie took a chance on a stranger; James, who claims to be a personal assistant to someone well known to attend an exclusive private party. An event hosted by actor Declan Carter, a man that Regan has been fangirling and crushing over for some time. *SWOON*!

Declan is cleaning up his reputation from all his mishaps of his dark days and his looking for someone sweet and someone real. At first glance Regan and Declan sparks each other’s interests and they get acquainted with one another ALL. WEEKEND. LONG. *Fans self here*.

A once in a lifetime unexpected chance of being with your favorite actor for a weekend….OMG YES! But is a weekend enough? It has to be right? This was a quick change in genre from emotional feels that I have been reading that that was light and full of wild fun! A hot and steamy 4 stars read that will have you wishing you were in Regan shoes!

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