Ruin Me (Nova #5) by Jessica Sorensen

Ruin Me (Nova, #5)Ruin Me (Nova #5) by Jessica Sorensen
My rating: ★★★ 3 of 5 stars

Two random people, Clara McKinley and Jax Hensley hook up one night and because of their encounter on more than one occasions they agreed to be nothing more but friends with benefits every weekend. Both characters have a past they prefer to keep to themselves and because of their home life they hold back from being anything more especially for Clara’s sake. Until one phone call Jax receives and he must leave to go find his frantic disappearing mother. Creating an opportunity to spend more time with Clara he asks her to accompany him back to his hometown in hopes that he can get to learn more about her and possibility more can be established between the two of them.

My thoughts bounce back and forth like an out-of-control bouncy ball. Right and wrong. Fear and want. Heartbreak and happiness. God, if my father could see me now, he’d be so disappointed. He used to call me his Little Spitfire, a seized the day, blue-eyed girl. He said he envied my sense of adventure.

A 3 stars first book I have read from the Nova series. Although it didn’t grab my attention like Kayden and Callie’s story from the Coincidence series there are intense situations that will make you wonder whether to give up, let go, and/or to take a chance on someone that makes you feel safe and comfortable. Complicated or not life is about to take a tailspin for Clara and Jax.

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