Love’s Suicide (Love’s Suicide #1) by Jennifer Foor

Love's Suicide (Love's Suicide, #1)Love’s Suicide (Love’s Suicide #1) by Jennifer Foor
My rating: ★★★★★ 5 of 5 stars

Luck was never on her side for Katy Michaels and it sucked beyond belief that she had to endure. Her dear friendship that she has with her twin best friends, Branch and Brooks Valentine were the ones that had her heart since they were young and she loved them both. Choosing one to be with the rest of her life was not easy and once she picked was it the right one?

The twin boys love Katy but one more so and truer than the other. How does one deal with watching the love of his life with someone else…by leaving of course! The night before getting married to Branch, his best man, Brooks shows up and a lot more truths came out than expected leading to one passionate night between the two of them and making things more complicated. To avoid facing the family she up and leaves everything behind.

”Because you felt it in here.” He pointed to my heart and kept his hand there. “Because deep inside you knew how I felt about you. It was never a secret. I worshipped the ground you walked on. When you were sad, I was there. Not him! I was the one to wipe away your tears. You should be wearing that God damn dress for me, not my brother!”

A first book that I have read by this author and it was an overwhelming read for me, the kind of book that I enjoy reading that keeps me on my toes. Tears were already in my eyes early on in the book and hiding my feelings in public was not easy. Their story gutted me many times that I was afraid to read more but needed to read more. This 4.5 stars read will have you looking at life at different angles and that regardless of any decisions you make (good or bad) it will have its consequences. The question is whether to face them at hand or deal with it later. A recommended must read and an author I look forward to reading more from. Pick up a copy today! 😉

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