Be Mine Forever (The Bennetts #3) by Kennedy Ryan

Be Mine Forever (The Bennetts, #3)Be Mine Forever (The Bennetts #3) by Kennedy Ryan
My rating: ★★★★✩ 4.5 of 5 stars

Love is a tricky thing for Cameron Mitchell especially if it has failed you in your childhood AND adult past. A person can only take so much heartbreak in a lifetime.

I’d never been accepted just for me. Love just for me. Not even by my own mother, Jo. You can’t understand what that is like.”

What if the one person that holds your heart happens to be someone you call a best friend. Jo Walsh has been in love with Cameron forever and no matter how many hints and hope she has when it comes to him it can be nothing more than a secret crush. Any thoughts of being more she must keep hidden to herself and everyone around her.

“You know what I am sorry about?” The anger in her voice slumped into a sob. A sniffle. A broken cry that wrecked her face. “I’m sorry I didn’t kick you out of my life sooner. I’m done with you. Done with this game you keep playing. You make me feel foolish. Like some idiot girl with a crush. I am NOT that girl. And you reduce me to that.”

The story of Jo and Cameron had me from the start and as the truths comes out about an ugly pass the story never fails to keep me intrigued. A 4.5 stars read that will have you cringing and wishing that everything will work out at the end regardless at how much time as already been wasted. Is it possible for your soul mates to still be the one once everything is out of the open? Check out their story to find out. 😉

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