When You Are Mine (The Bennetts #1) by Kennedy Ryan

When You Are Mine (The Bennetts, #1)When You Are Mine (The Bennetts #1) by Kennedy Ryan
My rating: ★★★✩ 3.5 of 5 stars

Kerris Moreton has had a rough start in life and learns to make what she has works. Engaged to Cameron Mitchell and common to an extent is someone she seeks to continue her life with but is love enough without the sparks of passion?

Walsh Bennett lived a privileged life, an eligible bachelor, with money being no problem, and more than enough women seeking his attention. No one has ever caught his eye until he had witness some random act of kindness from across the way. Intrigued by her he later meets hers at an event that same day with a surprising connection to each other. The kicker…he is his best friend’s woman, Kerris.

”She is…” Walsh lost words, coming to a halt in the middle of the room, a shirt dangling from his fingers. “She’s pure. There no subterfuge, no faking. And she’s kind, to a fault. She’s sensitive to other people’s feelings. And to be all of that, to be such a good person, after her life began, is a miracle.”

Wanting more and settling to keep things at a safe and comfortable level in the public eye is Kerris and Walsh story but when is it too much? She is the woman torn by two lovers and he is the man who wants to be everything and more and willing to prove himself true; however, it maybe too late. Is it worth settling instead of the truth of the situation to surface out of the open? A 3.5 stars read that will make your head spin out of control because the heart wants but cannot have. Or can it?

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