Intoxicate (Explosive #4) by Tessa Teevan

Intoxicate (Explosive, #4)Intoxicate (Explosive #4) by Tessa Teevan
My rating: ★★★★★ 5 of 5 stars

A marriage proposal with a pact to not fall in love…that alone made this story a must read for me. Kalli Montgomery has been love with her brother’s best friend, Xavier Cruz since they met over a decade ago. Xavier had an interest for Kalli until he found out her real age and could only see her has his little sister.

Years later and moving to start a life and to live closer to her siblings Kalli agrees to spend the summer taking care of Lily and is determined to make herself known to Xavier. But is the proposal enough for him to see past everything and to become more?

“How do you know it’s me you want? Not the guy with the cute little girl that you love so much?” “Because from the moment I met you, my heart started to flutter. And it’s never stopped.” I admit without pause, opting for complete and total honesty this time.

Being a single father unexpected possibilities comes into light making his need to keep his family together but is getting married and being in a platonic relationship going to work?

“I could love you.” Those words are truer now than they were two hours ago, and I have to fight the urge to say them again. Because the way I feel now? It’s more than infatuation. It’s more than just primal want or need. It’s just…so much more.

This story is the first book I have read from this series and it was one that I thoroughly enjoyed. A single dad raising his daughter on his own is one of the reasons that makes this story HOT! Then there is the need/want that was off the charts all over the place making the read so much more than I had expected for two people who have been holding out from one another for all these years. This 5 stars reads will have you fall deep for both Xavier and Kalli.

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