Riot (Mayhem #2) by Jamie Shaw

Riot (Mayhem, #2)Riot (Mayhem #2) by Jamie Shaw
My rating: ★★★★★ 5 of 5 stars

Joel Gibbon is a hot, sexy, guitarist who has a mohawk and is always surrounded by women eyeing for his attention. Dee Dawson does not do relationships and is content being from one guy to another. The word love is not in her vocabulary after the pain she was caused growing up.

Seeking to get more from Joel is a game she is playing to have him wrapped around her finger but after an unexpected event one night her plans changes and doesn’t need anyone to feel sorry for her especially Joel.

“You’re pretending to be okay.” The truth of his words pierce my heart, and I throw my defenses up, praying they don’t let me down. I’m always okay. I don’t need you to be my knight in shining fucking armor.” “Good, because I ‘m not your Prince fucking Charming. I’m just a guy who fucking cares about you, and I’m going to keep caring about you whether you want me to or not.”

Something about Dee changes the way Joel looks at her and is determined to prove that he is not just another guy but regardless of how much he tries Dee pushes him away. Even her best friend is having a hard time getting to her.

This story freaking ROCKED! A 5 stars read about two people who avoid letting anyone in because of their background past changes when they meet but how far does will their feelings go? So much tension, so much angst, so much back and forth that will make your head spin! The second book in the Mayhem series has a different approach to love that will have you swooning and shaking someone senseless to get the truth of the matter out.

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