{SPOTLIGHT REVIEW} Completion (The Kane Trilogy #3.5) by Stylo Fantome

Front Cover
Completio (The Kane Trilogy #3.5)
by Stylo Fantome
My rating: ★★★★ 4 of 5 stars

This was the prefect read that gave us an overview of Jameson Kane and Tatum O’Shea over the course of two years since they have officially been together. The flashbacks were a bonus that gave us a deeper look at the couple’s growing relationship of the bad, the ugly, and the F*CK#$ up relationship that only worked for them. And to top off everything, the ending was beautifully sweet in an only Kane fashion way!

Completion Teaser 1“Sometimes…sometimes I just like to double check that you’re happy,” he finally said. I am such a bitch. “Jameson,’ she breathed, laying down on his chest. “Even when you piss me off, I am still happier with you than I have ever been in my whole life.”

I never thought that I would be vested as much in Jameson and Tatum’s story when I first caught sight of its synopsis in Degradation (The Kane Trilogy #1). I was super excited when I found out we were getting a 4th book after the trilogy had ended! I really enjoyed their journey that I wanted and needed more! Happy endings for the devil are rare and this novella was the perfect closure to their story! Thank you Stylo! ☺ The 4 stars book is a definite must read for fans of the Kane Trilogy! #stylofantome #thekanetrilogy #completion

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