Rowdy (Marked Men #5) by Jay Crownover

Rowdy (Marked Men, #5)Rowdy (Marked Men #5) by Jay Crownover
My rating: ★★★★★ 5 of 5 stars

Rowdy is by far my favorite out of the Marked Men. He’s the typical bad boy who flirts and charms the heck out of all the ladies he runs into. He’s always about having a good time. Though you probably already have guessed that all of that is just a mask. Rowdy St. James had a rough start in life. He has been left behind by everyone he loves, or so he thought. His mom died when he was so young that he was taken by the system. He met the Cruz sisters, Salem & Poppy, when he was taken in by his adoptive family. They lived next to one another, so they grew pretty close.

“She was so much more than my lady—she was my best friend, my muse, my lover, my future. Without her the road stretched dark and endless in front of me; with her, the path I wanted to travel was crystal clear.” -Rowdy St. James

Salem grew up in a very strict and uptight family. She always felt suffocated that she couldn’t do what she always wanted to do. So when she had the chance to be free, she grabbed on to it and left without thinking of anything else. It wrecked her leaving the blue-eyed boy next door whom she always loved and her little sister who she always took care of. Though she had that freedom now, she had to survive and make it on her own. She didn’t have anything or anyone. She ended up being like a gypsy having no permanent home, skipping from one place to another when things didn’t go right or the way she wanted them to. Although it took her some time to get back up on her two feet, she ended up doing what she always loved to do. Now she just needs to find out where that home really is and finally settle down.

“I realized it really was all about where I had ended up and not where I had been, because as long as he was there, wherever that happened to be was going to be where I was supposed to be at as well.” -Salem Cruz

Rowdy’s story will help you realize the difference between first love and real love, and the importance of firsts and lasts. What I love about Rowdy is that he is such an honorable, sweet and amazing man, oozing with hotness and splashes of color. He’s someone who has such a huge heart and has so much love and respect to give when he finds the right person to hand his heart to. Once he loves, he loves hard. He would do anything and everything for those important to him. He believes that everything happens for a reason. He wavered a bit on that belief after everything that happened in between, but once everything fell into place, he figured how true that statement really is. He went through all that hell to be where he was at the end. He would never be who he was if none of those hurtful events happened to him in the past. There’s always those bumps in the road that eventually lead us to better places in the end. Those bumps help us see a clearer path to where we’re supposed to be headed. No matter how hard we stumble and fall, we just have to get back up stronger. ~Renery, 5 stars.

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