{SPOTLIGHT REVIEW} Her Soldier (That Girl #3) by HJ Bellus

Her Soldier (That Girl #3) by H.J. Bellus
My rating: ★★★★★ 5 of 5 stars

We briefly meet Jeremiah Abbner in “That Girl (That Girl #1)” and according to newspapers he had died in the line of duty serving his country.

Meet Beau Morgan a.k.a. Jeremiah who was given a new name to be protected from the mission he completed while in service. A new identity meant a new life away from what he has always known. No contact with familiar faces as well as his only daughter. A tortured soul where he is felt limited in what he can do in his new life.

HS Teaser 4While working a catering job one night he encounters a women who recognizes him and another women, Jenni Lee in an ugly physical argument with her on again and off again boyfriend and steps in to help. Little did he know that saving her would change his world.

”Jenni, I can’t have a life with you, or anyone. You make me feel things I shouldn’t. I never should’ve told you what I just did.” His head drops until it’s resting on the white paint of the wall. ”I feel alive again with you, and I don’t deserve that.”
Seeking to take care of Jenni until she is back on her feet and away from looming trouble by the ex, feelings begin to grow and avoiding his past begins to be a challenge. To top it off, Jenni happens to be best friends with the woman that recognizes his old identity. Having a relationship with someone is not an option but the heart wants what the heart wants. The question is whether it is worth risking for more?

HS Teaser 2”I just want you to know that you can be Beau with me, and Jeremiah. I want you to be you when you are with me and nothing else. I never want you to be anything else.”

Beau & Jenni’s story had many raw moments that were at times gut wrenching but heartwarming at the same time. They will have you wanting to seek a happily ever after no matter what it would take but the challenge they face is actually getting there. This is my favorite must read book out of the series so far!


HS Teaser 1

Her Soldier (That Girl #3) by H.J. Bellus
My rating: ★★★★★ 5 of 5 stars

This is the third book in the H.J. Bellus That Girl Series and I have to say I think this could be my personal favorite. We previously met Jeremiah in “That Girl (That Girl #1)” when he had a brief encounter with Michelle at his Grandmother’s bakery. Straight away we know he’s kind hearted and very swoon worthy. I think my heart almost exploded when he was killed.

Reinvented as Beau Morgan he meets Jenni at Levi’s and Jazzy’s wedding. Cowering in a corner, she’s being physically assaulted by her on again, off again boyfriend, Maxon. Beau saves her life by swooping in and giving Maxon a taste of his own medicine. This is where the journey begins for beautiful Jenni and hero Beau. We learn that everything isn’t always what it seems and beauty isn’t just skin deep. This book totally changed my opinion of Jenni and her “blonde bimbo” image. She emerges stronger than ever with a persona unknown to even herself.

She helps Beau deal with his demons and in turn deals with her own. This is a compelling love story that’s raw and very emotional at times. H.J. Bellus truly brings everything to the table with this tale. I was literally left clenching tissues at the end. Simply put I would highly recommend this story and I’m highly anticipating “The End” novella.

HS Teaser 3

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