Love Survives (Love’s Suicide #2) by Jennifer Foor

Love Survives (Love's Suicide, #2)Love Survives (Love’s Suicide #2) by Jennifer Foor
My rating: ★★★★★ 5 of 5 stars

I enjoy reading from a male’s perspective and was excited to find out that Brooks Valentine’s version from the first book, “Love Suicide (Love Suicide #1)” was coming out! We learn then that when Brooks is in love with you he falls for you HARD…emotionally and physically.

I would have told her after our first kiss that she was going to be my future.

Best friend and his first love, Katy Michaels was the girl Brooks knew was the one for him but being young and naïve he believed that she did not feel that way about him because his twin brother, Branch kept telling him that is what she is always telling him. That in turn held him back constantly in officially declaring his feelings and his brother pursing more of a relationship with her. Though early on, Brooks would sense something more (or hoping) from Katy but nothing more permanent would come from it because his twin brother was always in the way.

“Does he know you’re in love with me?”

However, no matter how much time has past and even being together and engaged with his twin brother the love for her never falters. But how long is to too long to hold out for someone that you cannot have and/or may not feel the same way about you?

“How long have you been in love with me, Brooks?” I smiled. “That question isn’t going to get answered.”

I got to experience a roller coaster of highs and lows on Brooks life since he was still a kid and the emotional heartaches and hardships that he faced. I loved reading from his POV especially since it gave me a better sense of his frame of mind on the decisions in his life making this story come full circle. I was more wrecked and overwhelmed by this beautiful being this time around. Total DIBS on this Military man and his 5 stars book!

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