{SPOTLIGHT REVIEW} Pocketful of Sand by M. Leighton

Pocketful of Sand by M. Leighton
My rating: ★★★★★ 5 of 5 stars

Eden Taylor moves into a cottage in Miller’s Pond with her daughter Emmy and hoping that they can finally settle and be able to call it a “home safe home” after the life that both of them have been through. Eden does things carefully through, home schools Emmy, and is not a woman that easily falls for a man. She is content with just her and her daughter. They are each other’s world.

Cole Danzer is the landlord to the cottage that Eden and Emmy are staying at. He can be seen around town working on different properties. He is a beautiful, broken man that prefers to be by himself and drowns in his Teaser 2sadness. Since he does not really chat much with anyone and no one really knows him except of what people see and/or have heard; he is known around town as someone crazy.

His blue eyes are bluer, his lips are more chiseled, his jaw even stronger. The pull of my body, of my soul toward him is magnetic. Gravitational. Irresistible.

At the first random meeting we encounter feelings not familiar to both characters. As the story progresses we continue to see the pull from both Eden and Cole and the push to not make anything more of it. Having a past that is haunting both to no avail and in turn leads them to constantly having to rethink things when it comes to what matters most. Falling for someone is not in the cards for either of them or can being Teaser 3more help each other mend their hearts?

And yet here I am. Wanting. And loving it in a perverse way. The anticipation, the sensations, the exhilarations-they’re as addictive as Cole himself is turning out to be. My worry, however, is that they’re as destructive as an addiction.

This is the first book I have read by this author and one that definitely did not disappoint. I am at a lost for words but so many words that need to be said when it comes to this story. Two broken people who are avoiding reality is all they have to feel comfortable in their lives. Eden and Cole had disturbing and painful situations that screwed me but they face those demons the best way they can. A heart wrenching tale that will make your stomach churn with disgust and feel the gloominess of the characters. This 5 stars novel is not one to take lightly but to experience their story is one that you will never forget.

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