{SPOTLIGHT REVIEW} Famous (Famous #1) by Kahlen Aymes

Famous Amazon GRSWTitle: Famous (Famous #1)
Author: Kaylen Aymes
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Caden Carlisle is a world-renowned superstar with good looks, million dollar movies deals and women throwing themselves at him wherever he goes. He has it all…but wants nothing more than a normal life without the paparazzi and glitz.

Brooklyn Holloway is an up and sowing starlet with a solid head on her shoulders and her eyes wide open. It’s all about art for her and she isn’t looking to star in blockbuster films. She’s perfectly happy keeping a low profile and doing indie protects with a message.

When fate throws the two of them together on set; both are unprepared for their undeniable connection. Cade is drawn to Brook’s down-to-earth wholesomeness and she can’t help the irresistible pull of his good looks, sense of humor and chivalrous ways…So, when he begins to think he’s in love with her, resisting is next to impossible, despite being committed to someone else.

Only when filming ends and the world’s fascinations with celebrity invades their bubble, can they decide id the emotions they felt on set were scripted, or forever.


My rating: ★★★★ 4 of 5 stars

Being famous has it moments. The lifestyle can be beneficial but a normal private life is a rarity. It can especially take a toll on relationships between actors that have to keep their feelings hidden and their love private from the public eye and even within their cast mates.

“If you’re not the one, why do I love you so much? Not knowing the future, I wouldn’t change it.”

Beautiful British actor, Caden Carlisle is amazingly sweet, loved by adoring fans, and where men want to be him and women want to be with him. The glitz, the glamour, the paparazzi begins to be too much when he begins working with his co-star in an emotional love story. Since their first encounter his reaction to her is one that he is not familiar with. He begins to feel and fall hard for his co-star.

It’s hard to walk away from someone who thinks they’re in love with you, when you’re heart is screaming that you’re in love with him too.

Cue in Brooklyn Holloway. She is a new actress in the Hollywood scene that just got her the role that would take her to new heights in her career. As Brooklyn works together on and off set with Caden the connection that they shared gets them experiencing the love story that they are portraying in the movie and wonders if the pull they feel for each other is real or fictional. But with all actors they also have a life outside set and Brooklyn will be tested to what she truly can handle.

“A mixture of heaven and hell, the greatest joy. Such unfathomable ecstasy and yet, the most unbearable pain I’ve experienced in my life.”

FamousTeaserNewThe story of Caden and Brooklyn was unbelievably and undeniably emotionally heavy and steamily hot! The want & need to be together but cannot because of stipulations holding them back will pull you into their world in feeling the intense tension and angst that the couple endures. A read that is a great start to the series and had me curious to see how their love story will continue.

My rating: ★★★ 3 of 5 stars

Caden Carlisle has it all. He’s a charmer who oozes sex appeal, he’s smoking hot & he has an insanely sexy British accent. Almost picture perfect. He wants the one thing he can’t have. Brooklyn Holloway. Thrown together to film a movie about two lovers, their on screen chemistry in undeniable. Off screen is scorching too. Hot, heavy and oh so delish.

If you like dramatic & lust filled books then this is the one for you. It reminded me of a behind the scenes Rob & Kristen in Twilight to be honest. I enjoyed this book and am curious to see what happens next in the Cade and Brooklyn saga.

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