Jake Undone (Jake #1) by Penelope Ward

Jake Undone (Jake, #1)Jake Undone (Jake #1) by Penelope Ward
My rating: ★★★★★ 5 of 5 stars

Fears and phobias, secrets and more can make two people who are total opposites of each other more compatible and a necessity in their life.

Because, after meeting her, the only thing I could think about was that I just wanted to make her smile, take some darkness out of those beautiful blue eyes.

Jake Green is a hottie with his fit body and tattoos that gets the opposite sex all flushed over him. Afraid to get to close to anyone he resorts to quick flings with women. This playboy lifestyle is due to the fact that he has another life that no one other than his family knows about. He works in the city during the week and goes home on weekends. His roommates wonder but never really pushed and/or got an actual answer. The truth about his weekend whereabouts did not really need to be known until a beautiful blonde moves into the apartment and begins stirring things inside him that he is trying to avoid.

He brought me back to life. He brought me back to life, and he could very well be the death of me all over again. It would be worth the risk. But he’s holding all the cards.

Nina Kennedy has moved to Brooklyn to go to school for nursing. She was fortunate to be able to live with a long time friend and his two roommates. For some time now she has lived with many phobias that when she planned her moved she made sure it was where she was comfortable wherever she went. Little did she know that a bet with her roommate Jake would change her life in unexpecting ways.

I thought my life was planned until the moment I touched your hand.

WOW! This 5 stars story was soooo much to take in! Jake and Nina’s story will have you seeing hope and possibilities, will break you apart, and then begin to mend your heart. The story began all cutesy with the flirty banter along with a new outlook in overcoming fear and phobias and just when I hoped for more I was torn by Jake’s make it or break it secret life! This author has a way with her characters and it had always gotten me hooked by them. A must read pick up a copy today that will have you looking at love in a whole new way. #jakeundone #jakeseries #penelopeward #mustread

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