What the Lightning Sees: Part One by Louise Bay

What the Lightning Sees: Part One (Lightning, #1)What the Lightning Sees: Part One by Louise Bay
My rating: ★★★✩ 3.5 of 5 stars

Haven Daniels is Features Editor at Rallegra Magazine and is seeking a promotion to become Depute Editor at the company. She needs that one feature gig that will get her where she wants to be.

After the usual Monday morning meeting she was finally offered a piece that would take her to a new level she is aiming for. However, getting this opportunity means working with Jake “Harry” Harrison, a man that she classifies as an arrogant, entitled, spoiled rich kid and feels like this job is no big deal to him. The partnership in this project is important and she would do what it takes to prove her worth and determine to not have anyone stand in her way.

I needed to bury the very thought of him. He wasn’t my type. I didn’t like men like him. I liked men who were ambitious and successful, kind and funny.

In the first part of the novella set we get to learn and know of Jake and Haven’s background and characteristics and begin to see a connection form between the two of them. There are many back and forth heated moments that kept the story going. Then the end of part one leaves you with a cliffhanger that will make assumption(s) come to light. This 3.5 stars read was a good intro to this three part series. #whatthelightningsees #louisebay

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