15 Minutes (Time for Love #4) by Bethany Lopez

15 Minutes (Time for Love, #4)

Title: 15 Minutes (Time for Love #4)
Author: Bethany Lopez
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Raised to be the “perfect” wife, Victoria has spent her days maintaining her impeccable outward appearance and her nights mingling with the rich and entitled. When her engagement to Scott ended, Victoria thought she’d be rid of him and his circle of friends forever, but a chance encounter with Brock will change not only the way she sees him, but the way she sees herself.

Brock is a man who’s happy and content with his life. A surrogate parent to his now-adult brothers, he spends his days running the company he built himself and his nights playing in his brothers’ local band. When he runs into Victoria in the bar after a show, sparks unexpectedly fly, and he’s interested in seeing where it goes.

But can the man who’s happy with his life, convince the woman who always wants more, to give him a shot with only 15 Minutes on the clock?

Babbling Chatter Read's REVIEW

Babbling Chatter Reads 4.5 Hearts Rating My rating: 4.5 of 5 Hearts

Cristina's Book ProfileI was hesitant to read a story entailing Victoria after getting to know how unliked and snobbish she can be as portrayed in the prior books in the series. There was more to the exterior attitude and was glad that I gave this book a go.

After an officially ended engagement with her ex-fiance, Scott and him moving on with someone else; it has left Victoria bitter and alone. Still keeping face of being made up and proper and continuing to mingle with the upper class peers, she continues to still be the uptight woman that people who know and see her to be. She figured the life with her ex-fiance and his circle of friends was long gone until it wasn’t thanks her sister’s plan to meet at bar to hang out one night.

Hello….Brock. A surrogate father and to now all grown brothers that he holds near and dear to his heart and would do anything for them. He had to change his ways and grow up fast. Starting his own painting business and being in a rock band with Brady and Brendan are just some of the things that make his connection with them even tighter. After one night of catching site of Victoria in the bar they were playing a gig at something about her sparked inside and between them and wanted to see what it means and where it goes.

“Relationships are made up of more than what people like to eat and drink,” I replied haughtily.

The saying holds true that “opposites attract” when it comes to Victoria and Brock’s story. Two people who have lives and personalities that are totally different in all ways possibly can be perfect for one another. I surprisingly really enjoyed reading and getting to know more to these characters than meets the eye. There were many walls built up around Victoria that the determination in Brock to break them down made their story one that was full of heartwarming moments. A 4.5 stars read that will get you looking deeper than the physical appearance and demeanor.

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