{SPOTLIGHT REVIEW} Toxic by Kim Karr

Front Cover Title: Toxic
Author: Kim Karr
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He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not…

New York Times bestselling author Kim Karr turns up the heat in a smoking hot, emotionally compelling new novel that takes you into the world of Manhattan’s elite.

In Toxic, Jeremy McQueen, a sexy, intense, sometimes brooding entrepreneur goes after what he wants—the woman he left behind years ago. Phoebe St. Claire, a put together, in control socialite-turned-CEO has been drifting through life searching for something she thought she’d never find again—the right man to share her future.

Our passion was boundless. Our lust untamed. And our desire endless. He was the only man who ever made me feel alive. Then, I betrayed him.

When he reappeared, I didn’t question it. Trust rarely survives the wrecking ball, so when he let me in back in—I didn’t hesitate.

Maybe I should have.

What began as a bid to save my family business, turned into a second chance at love. It felt so romantic. Working together, side by side, with the man I loved. My dream come true.

Nothing is as good as it seems.

We had our issues, but then again, every couple does. It wasn’t jealousy, or our too-hot sex life that I should have been worried about.

It was his darkside.

I never saw the end coming, until it slammed me in the face. The question is—did he?

Was revenge his plan all along?


Sometimes you have to wonder if your life is too good to be true.
Is it real or just an illusion?
Does the man lying beside you really love you like he says he does?
If the answer is yes, you’re meant to live happily ever after.
If the answer is no, you’re living my life, and nothing will ever be the same.

What you do about it—that’s up to you.

Me, I’m in too deep and there’s no getting out.

I’ll take whatever I can get for as long as I can because I know when it’s over…

I’ll never find another man like him.


This is a standalone second chance romance with no cliffhanger ending.*
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Babbling Chatter Read's REVIEW

Babbling Chatter Reads 4 Hearts RatingRenery’s Rating: 4 of 5 Hearts

Renery's Profile UpdatedToxic—such a perfect title for the book. I can definitely say that jealousy and mistrust and insecurity are indeed toxic, not only to a person, but to a relationship as well. I learned that the hard way—I had some first hand experience. It will poison whatever it comes in contact with and you will never survive it if you’re not strong enough.

Jeremy and Phoebe’s relationship made me feel like I was bungee jumping. There were so many highs and lows. It was always going up and down, up and down. You get lost, then found, then lost again. It will show you how seeing past someone’s mistakes can lead to something either better or worse, which depends on you if you’d decide to fight for it. If you see it as something worth fighting for. I was getting pulled in so many different directions. There were a ton of factors trying to rip these two apart, but the love and connection Toxic Teaser #1they feel for one another was so much stronger. They also learned how they felt for the other the hard way, actually. It took them being apart from one another for a long time—and not only once—to realize how important the other is to them. How much they needed the other in order for them to feel complete.

Sometimes, we really need time to heal wounds. But that’s not always the case. It’s also vital for people to communicate for a relationship to work. You can’t just keep things from one another thinking it’s best for you partner to be kept in the dark. It just makes things worse. With Jeremy and Phoebe, their past has been more complicated than we thought. There was just so much going on, so many twists! I got so confused and flustered where things may go in this story that even I lost my faith in Jeremy at some point. I started to doubt him and his actions, which I regretted too much in the end. He had reasons why he did the things he did. You just have to hear him out and see for yourself who he really is.

There were also people in this book whom I just wanted to strangle and kill so bad because of how they were. I wanted to claw their eyes out, to be honest. They gave both Jeremy and
Phoebe so much hurt when they were already struggling to keep their relationship afloat. Yes, I did doubt Jeremy, but in the end, I’m so proud of him—of everything he accomplished even Toxic Teaser #3though it all started with proving himself to the world, and how he found himself and fought for what he really wanted. How he grew in time and realized how to correct his past mistakes. How to make up for them. Same thing with Phoebe—I’m so happy with how her life turned out to be. She more than deserves this happy ending. I can’t begin to tell you how much pain she had to endure ever since Jeremy walked away and just vanished that summer. I couldn’t imagine how lost she felt and how insecure she has been with everything that happened. What I could definitely say though is that Jeremy is indeed the perfect man for her and you will find out the reasons why when you get on reading this book.


Author Kim Karr

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I live in Florida with my husband and four kids. I’ve always had a love for reading books and writing. Being an English major in college, I wanted to teach at the college level but that was not to be. I went on to received an MBA and became a project manager until quitting to raise my family. I currently work part-time with my husband and full-time embracing one of my biggest passions—-writing.

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