The Big O by HJ BellusTitle: The Big O 
Author: H.J. Bellus
Genre: Romantic Comedy
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The ocean…October, outdoors, orange… All O’s that sneaky damn letter.

I need the O. Crave the O, even dream about the bastard.

My name is Olivia and this is my virgin diary. Yep, at the ripe age of 24 I’m single and O-less. And to top it all off, with a shiny cherry, I’m a first grade teacher.

Not much hope meeting Prince Charming in my workplace.

I live with my hyper Yorkie and wild imagination. And I despise the letter O.

Follow Olivia Olander in her wild and hysterical journey as she hunts down the elusive O.

She may hate the obscure O now, but Officer Oren O’Brien hasn’t lit up her world.

Will Olivia ever learn to love the O or be cursed with its lingering presence the rest of her life?

Find out in the virgin diaries.

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Babbling Chatter Read's REVIEWS
Babbling Chatter Reads 4.5 Hearts RatingCristina’s Rating: 4.5 of 5 Hearts

Cristina's Thoughts #BabblingChatterReadsHave a headache or a tough day? This book is the perfect pick me up! How do I know you ask? Before I started this read I was sporting a headache from a rough day and a few pages into the book I was already laughing my a$$ off! The things said and done will have your jaw dropping thinking WTF?!? but in a good way of course with some added comedic shock value.

The letter “O” has a deeper meaning behind the title. Thanks to Olivia Olander’s story it plays a huge role in the story that was freaking genius! The read will have you hoping that love can exists but time can be a B!&C# waiting for the important and life changing events to happen.

Ovaries down. Ovaries down. The man is tall, dark, with chiseled features, and fucking panty-melting dimples dancing around his smile.

Cue in the sexy cop, Oren O’Brien! Yup you read it right another “O” comes into the mix. He comes as a surprise and you cannot help by fall head over heels for him. Oh my! Oh man! Oh my ovaries! *SWOON*
H.J. Bellus always seizes to amaze me when it comes to writing stories entailing the “hopeless romantic.” She took a different approach when it comes to finding love it and it was one that anyone will enjoy!

Babbling Chatter Reads 5 Hearts RatingRenery’s Rating: 5 of 5 Hearts

Renery's Thoughts #BabblingChatterReadsThis is exactly what I needed right now! The Big O is such a perfect dose of humor and romance and sexiness all rolled up into one. I couldn’t tell you how much I laughed my butt off while reading this entire book. It’s so light, yet still packed with a sweet love story we all crave for. Yet again, HJ Bellus astounds me with her ability to stretch and switch up from one genre of romance to another. I guess I wasn’t expecting how hilarious and fun this book was and it made the ride all the more fun and thrilling. You wouldn’t be able to stop reading.

“My damn name is Olivia Olander and I live in Ontario, Oregon and teach at Oregon Trail in room one…”

Olivia Olander is a sexy, gorgeous first-grade teacher who’s awkward as hell and a walking train wreck waiting to happen. She’s almost lost all hope since at her ripe age, her V card is still very much untouched and intact. Her life was boring (except for her cursed moments) until a certain hot cop, by the name of Officer Oren O’Brien, saunters into her classroom for career week. All of a sudden, Olivia comes alive with love and lust and a new hope of finally chasing down her Big O.

Let me tell you, Olivia’s awkwardness and quirkiness were certainly enough to crack you up. The funniest, most unexpected and most ridiculous things just happen to her. It’s like she’s the queen of bad luck. Well, that was in the beginning. But then add on Scout, her best friend, who doesn’t have a filter and doesn’t give a crap what comes out of her mouth? You’d bust your lid off and good luck if you don’t end up farting out all the gas you take in from cackling and snorting like a crazy person. And then there’s Officer Ladyboner (and Tony the Tiger). Gosh, I think even I swooned and drooled for the man. Seriously, he always handled Olivia like a man on a mission and all that was just hot as hell. Don’t even get me started with how sweet and thoughtful and a huge gentleman Mr. Hot Pants is. Because in all seriousness, what the hell more can you ask for? Olivia even made me want to lick his deep V-line more times than I can count. Le sigh.

If you need a quick, really quirky read to light up your day—I highly recommend that you read The Big O and just be ready to laugh and giggle and snort your way through it.

Babbling Chatter Reads 5 Hearts RatingJoanna’s Rating: 5 of 5 Hearts

Joanna's Thoughts #BabblingChatterReadsO…. My goodness. YES!

5 orgasms. I mean orgasmic stars.

Another hit but a somewhat different genre from the amazing H. J. Bellus.

This book is HILAIRIOUS. Like roll on the floor, cringe, I want my childhood back kinda book.

Olivia Olander. I love you. I want to be you. I want your life your ability to just let “farts” happen kinda life. You my dear are my hero!

I read this book on a dismal Monday morning in NYC n to say I went to work with a pep in my step is not too far from the truth.

Officer Oren O’Brien. Well, hello. I want to be a teacher. Like seriously ladies, what kid doesn’t want to go visit the local precinct?

This is a story of tremendous laughs and OMGs. One of the funniest, truest, & heartwarming novels I’ve ever read. And Scout…I need her as my bff. Like now.

H.J. Bellus. One word. Gifted.

Babbling Chatter Reads 5 Hearts RatingStacey’s Rating: 5 of 5 Hearts

Stacey's Thoughts #BabblingChatterReadsThe Big O! O-M-G what can I saw about this hilarious and adorable read!!! I didn’t know what to expect from the cover and title but this book is packed full of witty comedy, romance and its sexy and steamy as ever!

The story is told from Olivia Olander a virgin looking and waiting for her 1st “O.” Olivia takes us on her adventure looking for love and Mr. Right. She’s ready to drop her V card but can’t find the perfect person to give it to….that is till she meets Oren O’Brien.

And like all love stories they have their wooing and it’s to die for….full of hilarious humor and the cutest dates! Their story is one full of quirky moments and sexy sexcapades!!!!

If you want a good laugh and a cute love story this is right where you need start! Fall in love with a sexy teacher and hot cop!!!!


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