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Welcome to our ❤ LOVE ❤ of all things books! Life can be crazy sometimes and to escape the realities of routine we enjoy fantasy life in stories. Come and check out our experiences (whether in the novels and/or at events) and get to know the authors and the characters they write that we may have a love/hate relationship with.

We came together to share our love of the stories we read and adventures that we have had the joy of experiencing through these characters and the amazing words that the authors have created for us.

From the cringing moments, gut wrenching, drama filled ugliness, to the beautiful story of first love, falling in love, and/or second chance love the emotional feels and the tension is surreal. That in turn makes reading such a sweet habit to have.

Here is our place to rave and rant on the journey and  adventure in reading. Regardless if it is categorized as fiction there is some truth to the story being told. The imagination is real and the mind is an amazing thing! Enjoy! 😀

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