Love N Vegas Author Event 2014

LoveNVegas 2014

Las Vegas? Authors? Cover Models? What?!? What!?! Attended the LoveNVegas Event at Planet Hollywood on October 25th, 2014. Went to this AMAZING event with a fellow jaybird girlfriend and her soccer mom friends! It was such a memorable experience!

Driving up at the crack of dawn on a Saturday morning in hopes to be able to check into our ย hotel early to freshen up before attending all the festivities unfortunately did not happen. After having yummy breakfast at the hotel and waiting we ended up getting ready in the hotel lobby including a few of the ladies ironing their clothes! Just when we were all set to head out one of our rooms was finally available. Minutes in room? Enough to drop off our luggage and take selfie group pictures! Must start a day with adventure with a selfie shot right? Hee hee.

After we parked we got lost looking for the location of the event at Planet Hollywood and ended up walking through the sewage/trash area of the parking structure area that was just for employees. Once inside the hotel and the found the location of the venue the line to get inside look like a 2 hour long line waiting to get on the new my ride roller coaster! ย But the best things comes to those who wait and so glad that regardless of all the mini frustrations on getting to the event it was one I will never forget!

A room full of amazing authors, the smell of books in the air, needless to say I was in book lovers heaven. Meeting authors of books I have come to love and meeting new authors with books I seek to read Iย definitelyย did not come home empty handed. The friendship created, my collections of books growing, the overall experience makes for one memorable trip! I’m soooo looking forward to next year! ๐Ÿ˜€

*Check out my pictures from the 2014 Love N Vegas Author Event!*


Authors In The OC 2014

Authors in the OC

October 4, 2014: This past weekend I attended my first author event that entailed more than two authors. It was such an AMAZING experience and I got to meet some SWEET authors! I had the authors signed my event bag, any paperbacks that I had brought or purchase, and had the authors write a signed message that I am putting in my scrapbook. I also came home with some FABULOUS SWAG!

I had invited a good dear Mommy friend, Beth and friend from IPC, Mona with me. Of course what is an event if I didn’t meet up with a couple of MSL (More Series Lovers FB group – Fans of Author Jay McLean)! We all have different personalities when it comes to reading books which made the event so much more special and memorable. #authorsintheoc #fiftyshadesofpink

***Check out my photos from the event here:ย Authors In The OC***