Meet Renery

Renery's Thoughts #BabblingChatterReadsBlogger, Our Teasers Queen, & Reviewer: Hey there, I’m Renery and I think you’ve already guessed that I’m in love ❤ with books especially of the NA, YA and contemporary romance genre. I’m very much intoxicated and captivated with a lot of alpha characters. I must say, I’m a sucker for bad boys fighting for redemption or nerdy guys with a wild side and a filthy mouth or those sweet as sin boys we usually find in YA books. ❤

Is it even possible to be fictionally monogamous? Nope. Therefore—I am what you can say single in reality, but fictionally polygamous. I think I have too many book boyfriends and book husbands to count. Lol! 😄 And I have a growing number of book friends, too! Every time I read an enticing book, I find a character that I deeply connect with, and no matter how long it has been, that character has already found its way to be embedded in my heart and etched in my brain. I love listening to music and watching movies as well. I’m very fond of finding new music that suits my tastes and mood. I can go from pop to rock to indie to even folk. As for the movies, I usually go for the popular ones. A bit cliché, yeah, but those are the ones I usually enjoy. Oh, and of course the book to film kind of movie, too. I always make it a point to watch them and see how good or bad they turned out. Lol! 😋

You can usually find me holed up in my room submerged in a book, away from reality or creating teasers for books that have entranced me or watching NHL games (that’s the only thing I watch nowadays—I’m a big sports fan, too) or out with family or friends. I can pretty much say I live for these books. You can never ever go wrong with an awesome romance book. Ever. Who said you’re lonely if you don’t have a love life? I beg to differ.

Keep up with me on Instagram, too! I post a ton of book stuff there religiously. I just have so much fun updating it and meeting new bookish pals. Follow me! My book Instagram handle is @rentasticreads. This account is also connected to our blog, so if you have the chance, check it out! Tons of love! ❤❤❤

For a list of books that I have reviewed so far click here😀 Also check out my Goodreads page here for more reviews!

XOXO~ Renery 💋


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